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The AP Arts Incentive Program charts its progress based on measurable results.

Since 1994 the number of AP Studio Art, Art History, and Music Theory exams taken and passed in our participating schools has risen steadily. In 1995 students passed 217 out of a total of 259 exams taken. In 2015 the number of tests taken has grown to 1,343, with the number of qualifying exams at 1,159.

Another gauge of our program's success is the amount of scholarship dollars earned by the students enrolled. In 2015, graduating seniors in our program earned $35 million in college scholarships offers.

Analysis of data in the College Board's Total Group Profile Report on 2007 College-Bound Seniors demonstrates that arts students perform better on the SAT Reasoning Test and other standardized exams that play a critical role in college admissions. For example, students who took art and music courses scored an average of 49 points higher on the critical reasoning portion of the exam than students with no arts coursework or experience, an average of 31 points higher on the math portion and an average of 50 points higher on the writing portion. For students with AP and honors coursework, the differences are even more dramatic--100 points higher on critical reading (573 vs. 473), 31 points higher on math (573 vs. 493) and 50 points higher on writing (564 vs. 463). At the local and national levels, participation in AP arts courses provides a clear edge on AP exams and the SAT Reasoning Test.

AP Arts and Music Theory Passing Scores per 1000 Juniors and Seniors‚Äč

             in Incentive Program Schools vs. Texas & U.S. Schools

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