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Cultural Enrichment

A key program goal is to enrich our students' and teachers' learning experiences by exposing them to outstanding community, cultural, and education resources. Each school year our AP Art History teachers create and lead field trips for their students to major museums in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Our 2010-2011 goal is to speak the language of the AP Art History exam. The best way for students to do well on an AP Art History exam is to know art history well and to think, look, learn, and write like art historians. Cultural enrichment provides AP Art History students the opportunity to:

  1. Learn basic facts about key works of art and architecture
  2. Examine objects and monuments and using the vocabulary of art-historical description to analyze them
  3. Investigate the original contexts in which works were made and the implications of those contexts for meaning

Cultural Enrichment Grant Application (FOR GRANT PARTICIPANTS ONLY). Additional information and downloads are available on the AP Strategies Art History wiki.


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