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2010 College Bowl AP Music Theory Practice Exam (See Photo Album)

The 12th Annual AP® Music Theory College Bowl sponsored by the O'Donnell Foundation was held on Saturday, March 27, 2010 at Ranchview High School in Irving, Texas. The annual spring event gives music theory students an opportunity to take a practice Music Theory exam in preparation for the College Board's National Music Theory AP® Examination in May. Additionally, this event is useful for the participating Music Theory instructors to gauge their students' progress and performance so that they can provide their students with additional preparation before the official examination. In the morning, students are tested and graded in the areas of Figured Bass, Harmonic & Melodic Dictation, Melodic Harmonization, Sight-Singing, Listening Skills, and Fundamentals of Theory. After lunch, students are invited to showcase their talent by giving impromptu musical performances in front of their peers. During the afternoon, students participate in the Music Theory Bowl Competition—a fun and competitive team-based question and answer activity used to review the students' knowledge of music theory. An awards ceremony at the end of the day honors individual and team achievement.

Overall Performance - School Teams

The three schools with the highest averaged student scores were honored with a banner: first place, Lake Highlands High School; second place, Plano Senior High School; and third place, Joshua High School. 

Overall Performance - Individual Students

The top students with the highest combined total scores were rewarded with gift certificates: first place, Derek Hawkes - Plano Senior High School; second place, Garrett Wingfield-Lake Highlands High School; and third place, Alison Chiang - Plano West Senior High School.

Top 20 Students

Click here for additional top individual performers.

Certificates of Achievement were awarded to the highest scoring students in the following areas: Figured Bass, Melodic Harmonization, Sight Singing, Multiple Choice-Listening, and Multiple Choice-Fundamentals of Music Theory.  Click here for a list of these outstanding students.

Student Performances

Students were invited to showcase their talent by giving impromptu musical performances in front of their peers.



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