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AP Studio Art encourages students to explore art through hands-on experiences. 

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The AP Studio Art portfolios are designed for students who are seriously interested in the practical experience of art. The AP Program offers three portfolios: Drawing, 2-D Design, and 3-D Design. The portfolios share a basic, three-section structure, which requires the student to show a fundamental competence and range of understanding in visual concerns (and methods). — College Board

The AP Studio Art incentive program seeks to offer a comprehensive arts education program for students in grades 9-12.

  • Teacher trainings deliver ongoing, quality training that is content-based and specifically designed for AP success. These opportunities allow fellow colleagues to convene and discuss updates in their field.
  • Student support programs serve to motivate students to enroll and succeed in Pre AP and AP courses, graduate from high school with honors, and earn college degrees.

The students' and teachers' learning experiences are enriched by exposing them to outstanding local cultural organizations and area universities to enrich and enhance the teacher training workshops and student preparation events. 

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